Closer to Connect

Double your sales

Without making a single phone call.
You are a High-end Entrepreneur.
You prefer to do your most expensive program.
Because that’s the best way to help your customer.
But those closing calls ... pfff ... you find them tiring!
The solution: outsource them!


You became an entrepreneur because you wanted freedom.

That’s why you have invested heavily in automation and you build a great funnel.
You have made your company scalable.
That means: a low-end, middle-end and a high-end offering.
You have more than 1000 people in your mailing-list. You regularly send an e-zine.
You are advertising on FB. You have a lot of closing calls.

Your business is doing great!

But... freedom?

You still have no freedom. You are still short on time. You still don't do what you love most. Your High-end Program with your most motivated customers who want the best result that you can offer.

Your High-end Program gives you freedom.

For this you need:

  1. A well-designed funnel, which makes your most motivated customers feel attracted to request a strategy meeting/closing call.
  2. Time, energy and skills to do the closing calls and to sell your High-End Program.

The result:

The better your funnel is set up, the more qualified the leads are at the phone, the easier it is to sell them your High-End Program.

But in practice it’s usually a different story:

  • Your funnel is not good enough. You notice that you have very few qualified leads on the phone, so you are often wasting your time… this, in turn, makes you frustrated.
  • And / or you have insufficient time to do all those closing calls. You have so many applications. You are on the phone for hours a day.
  • Or you notice that you are not offering enough closing calls because you simply don't like them.
  • And/or the conversion rate is too low.

Imagine this..

You have the freedom to choose when, where and how you want to implement your High-end Program, with your most motivated qualified customers who want to get the best out of themselves.

This would mean...

  • You double/triple your turnover because your sales have become scalable.
  • You can completely use your expertise.
  • You get a great connection with your customers.
  • You see your customer(s) flourish and grow.
  • You give it your all.
  • It shows amazing results.
  • It’s magical.
  • You are completely fulfilled.
  • The turnover is fantastic.
  • Your mission is being fulfilled!

What would it be like if ...

  • your funnel works so that you get highly qualified leads on the phone?
  • You get your favourite customers in your ecosystem?
  • you have more free time to do what you love to do most because you don’t have to do any closing call?
  • this team coaches each other every day to achieve even better results?
  • You only pay this team on a 100% commission-basis?

What would it bring you in terms of ...

  • time?
  • energy?
  • creativity?
  • revenue?
  • brand awareness?
  • number of new customers?
Are you still here?
Good, because we want to tell you something about our team.
  • Who we are.
  • About our education and experience.
  • Profile photos and personal records.
  • Our joint record.
  • How we work
  • What do others say about us?
  • How our team was formed.
  • What we bring with "closer to connect".
  • For whom we achieve the best results.

Who are we?

We are "Closer To Connect": a team of 3 entrepreneurs, consisting of Jasper Boonstra, Ranjana Hubach and Lennart de Jong.
In recent years, we have specialized ourselves in: (internet) marketing, sales, conducting closing calls and "closing" customers to services with a price tag of at least € 2500 ($ 2775). 

Together we have 18 years of experience and expertise in (internet) marketing, sales and closing leads.

About our education and experience

Lennart de Jong and Jasper Boonstra both did the world's most famous high-end sales training in 2018: “High Ticket Closing” by Dan Lok in Canada. This was followed by personal coaching by Dan Lok. Lennart has even been asked to join Dan Lok's team, but has chosen to work in our team. In addition to closing, Jasper specializes in internet marketing.

Both have since gained a lot of experience in B2C and B2B.

Ranjana Hubach has been an entrepreneur since 2003 and from then on out she also followed a marketing and sales training. In 2015 she received coaching from a now retired business coach: Marijke Eggink. From a daily struggle, she went to a thriving practice in just 3 months. She is specialized in marketing, sales and closing calls and transformed her own services into an individual High-end Program. Her price tag eventually became 4200% higher. Since April 2019 she has been conducting closing calls for other High-end Entrepreneurs with excellent result.

Closer To Connect consists of:

Ranjana Hubach
Record monthly turnover for the customer: €55,000 / $61 038
Lennart de Jong
Lennart de Jong
Record monthly turnover for the customer: €30,000 / $33 292
Jasper Boonstra
Jasper Boonstra
Record monthly turnover for the customer: €48,000 / $53 270

Our joint record

As a team, we have converted €100,000 / $111 000 in just 4 weeks for one of the most famous life coaches in The Netherlands. 

How we work?

  1. We will handle your closing calls.
  2. We send you invoices with the sales made (closes).
  3. You will pay us on a 100% commission basis. A fixed percentage per close.

What do others say about us?

"[Jasper] was an excellent salesperson for us and brought in over 60,000 euros in educational product sales in a short period of time. He was extremely easy to work with and brought energy, enthusiasm, design expertise (which was particularly important for us), and a wealth of sales knowledge to the role. He truly embraced the challenges we set him and had a record-high conversion rate (80%) on sales calls."
Laura Faint
Head of Growth, AJ&Smart
"When Ranjana came into my yearprogram business coaching in 2015/2016, she turned her spiritual expertise in only 3 months in a VIP program and she started to heighten her prize [...] Now she asks at least € 2000 for a VIP program.

She is very good in closing. I think she has a remarkable talent for closing, for sales, marketing and coaching entrepreneurs who want to go to the next level with their business.

Besides that she has an open and warm personality and she likes fun and laughter. I also love her integrity. I really recommend her for closing and also for coaching entrepreneurs who want to become even better in closing, sales and marketing”.
Marijke Eggink
Businesscoach from 2012-2018
Lennart knows what he wants. He has clarity, and he’s able to provide that clarity to anyone he’s talking to, resulting in him pushing you in the right direction. That means hearing things you don’t want to hear because Lennart says it just how it is. No sugar coating. That’s why I know Lennart has the best intentions for everyone he decides to work with.

That, his high level of empathy and emotional intelligence make him an excellent person to work with. Whether that be as a colleague, client or friend – Time spent with Lennart is worthwhile.
Sam van Mazijk
Ex colleague High-Ticket Closer

How did our team come about?

Our team came into being when we were asked to work for a very well-known Dutch life coach. The three of us worked so well together that we generated € 100,000 - $111 000 for this life coach in just 4 weeks. That is why we continued together as "Closer To Connect".
We are a self-managing team and have a daily stand-up via Zoom. Here we coach each other to get the best out of ourselves and the team. We also keep each other accountable on our personal goals.

What we bring to the table with "closer to connect"

The name "Closer To Connect" was born from our wish to connect.

Closing-in on our connection with ourselves and with everything around us. Connection between head and heart, connection with you as a High-end Entrepreneur and connection with your customers.

We are entirely focused on delivering value to you, your company and your mission. And to your customers in the closing calls.

We very much understand that it can be quite a step to entrust your customers to us. That requires trust. And trust comes through connection. That is why we are happy to talk to you.

Together we discover whether there is such a connection between us.

We achieve the best results for High End 
Entrepreneurs (m/f):

With a service / product from €/$ 2,500 to €/$ 100,000 ex.
Who consciously choose to outsource their closing calls.
Who are open for feedback and apply it to optimize their funnel.
Who has a mission that contributes to a better world
With a scalable company.
With a minimal turnover of €/$ 100,000 a year.

Back to you.

How do you feel?

Is there a sense of relief?

Do you already feel what it would bring you if your funnel was optimized, so that your closing calls yield more revenue?

Do you want to know more?

Are you ready for the next step to freedom?

Then click the blue button below.

Based on the answers given, we make a selection from all applications.

Who knows, we may have you on the phone soon.

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